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Sarah C. Albritton

Head shot of Sarah Carlyle AlbrittonSarah Albritton has spent over 25 years coaching and consulting to leaders and their teams at every level of organizations from six continents and across industries. Her unique blend of business savvy with psychological insight has resulted in proven success accelerating clients’ performance. She has a reputation for delivering honest, targeted appraisals with respect and humor, which has earned her a place as trusted advisor and official “boot to the patoot’er” for many senior executive clients.

In addition to her private work as President of Leadership Innovations, she was a coach/faculty member at the Center for Creative Leadership for six years, and currently serves as adjunct Senior Consultant at Kaplan DeVries Inc.

Sarah is the co-author of I’m Not Crazy, I’m Just Not You!, an international top seller on the real life applications of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator now in its second edition (1997 and 2010) currently available in English, Japanese and Arabic. She holds degrees in Economics (Wake Forest University) and Educational Leadership (Florida State University).