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Imagine yourself as an aspiring entrepreneur

…who has just closed a deal with a group of venture capitalists willing to invest … oh, let’s say $40M for a project that will provide 300 jobs over the next three years. Assuming all goes well, it will likely pave the way for additional projects.

Now imagine the very first day

The management team for the project, comprised of people who have never worked together, is assembled in one room to kick the whole thing off.  Most of the team members are introduced to each other for the first time by going around the room uttering their name and maybe some clue about what they do … and that’s it!  Fifteen minutes after meeting each other, someone takes the lead, and the whole team jumps into the scope of work.

  • No alignment around a vision for the project
  • No opportunity to gain an appreciation of the experience, strengths and weaknesses of the individual team-members.
  • No discussion about roles and responsibilities of the team members.
  • No communications plan or a process for resolving conflicts.
  • No discussion of the overall customer needs that the project hopes to meet.

Just roll up your sleeves and go to work!

Effective leadership teams do not “just happen.”

It doesn’t take Leadership Innovations’ 20 years of experience to know this kind of kick-off meeting would not instill confidence in a group of investors backing a new enterprise.  Why should the taxpayer who has voted to approve funding for a new $40M school facility feel any different?  And yet, we know it happens all too often.

The increasing popularity of alternate project delivery methods for school construction and renovation projects has led Leadership Innovations to develop a  specialized Facilitated Team Building program to be in projects prior to the construction phase. The primary focus of this program is directed to the relationship between the Owner, The Design Firm, and the Contractor at the beginning of Construction Manager at Risk contracts.

Consulting to Teams

Leadership Innovations offers the Construction Manager at Risk Team a broader array of skillset and experience to create better outcomes for less money with less stress and greater stakeholder satisfaction. These include:

  • A partnering champion with deep experience and success in both construction management and team building facilitation.
  • Applied learning outcomes that save you time and money
    • Enhanced communication that produces timely decision making
    • Problem solving tools to use before things get out of hand
    • Creation of goodwill among stakeholders that aids communication, decision speed, and conflict management.
    • Building up your reputation for quality and commitment to excellence.

We understand the value of a collaborative effort and champion the partnering process. We recognize the importance of communication as the key ingredient to a successful project.