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For Individuals: Why Do I Need a Coach?

It’s hard to go it alone

The value of leadership consultation and coaching lies in the maxim “Who you are is how you lead.”  But let’s face it: it’s easier to see other peoples’ strengths and obstacles than it is to see your own.

Getting a clear site line on who you are is difficult for anyone to do alone. Like watching an eclipse, you can get blinded when you look directly at things unprotected. The excitement and the chatter of those jostling for a view around you can be distracting and lead you to miss the main event.

With powerful equipment, a good environment, and an experienced guide, you have a better chance of quieting the noise and looking in the right direction at just the right moment. When you do, the image comes into clear focus in meaningful and memorable ways. My clients say they get insights that last a lifetime.

The right coach with the right tools improves your chances of life changing moments

Every leader has crossroads and transition points in life …

  • From individual contributor to manager “I know how to do my job, but how do I lead others to do their jobs well?” “You mean I can’t wear my Hawaiian shirt to work anymore?” “How do I present my ideas in ways that are heard and understood?” What do you know about team building? Communication? Public Speaking? Networking?  And how is your home life going?
  • From manager to strategic leader … Okay, you’ve got the “keeping the team focused and on task” thing working well.  You’re an execution machine! You can handle anything that comes. But now they need you to anticipate problems and opportunities before they happen.  On top of that, you need to have a feel for the broader organization.  Do you know the business levers of not just your division but the whole company? How’s your spouse doing? Partner? Kids? Aging parents? Community involvement? Can you spell B-A-L-A-N-C-E?
  • From strategic leader to the C-suite … It’s about scalability and a new level of external awareness. You represent the company now, not just internally, but to the world.  Global awareness, investor relations, talent management on a big scale.  When things get volatile, the organization comes to you now.  Who do you turn to for straight talk and wise counsel? How is your health? Your family? Do your neighbors know your name? What will your legacy be?
  • From C-suite to the sweet life … yes, there’s coaching for this too as you renegotiate your contract with your other stakeholders.  It’s not as easy as it may seem. Where is your fulfillment without the title and the power to make things happen that went with it? What really gets you excited about meeting this phase of life head on?  What have you put off for years that you can get to do now?

Don’t play defense with only half a team

Armed with a knowledge of yourself and of how your style and mindset are impacting your effectiveness—in all areas of your life—you’re playing offense with all your resources.

Your next breakthrough is waiting for you

Invest in yourself and your future. Consult with Leadership Innovations. As hundreds leaders can attest, Sarah Albritton and her team know how to help leaders at every stage leverage their strengths, take advantage of opportunities, and break through to the next higher level, pulling their team and organization with them.