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You’re at an unfamiliar crossroads …

The right guide can help you leverage your success

You’ve just gotten a promotion. Congratulations!! Now what? You’re excited but a bit over your head–you know how you got here, but how do you succeed here and keep growing?

Your team just got reconfigured … again.  New-comers, old-timers, new organizations, old boundaries and prejudices.  How do we get aligned and get going?

You need to develop a new crop of potential corporate officers … or get a group of new managers off on the right foot.  Mentorships, strategic thinking, innovation, executive presence, culture transfer … Where do you start?

Approval was just announced for a major new project involving millions of dollars and multiple stakeholders that will last several years.  How to get the project leadership team off to the best start and give the project the best chance at success?

Your company is facing a major change–a merger or acquisition, product shift, market realignment, infrastructure change.  How do you know if the whole company is prepared? Where are the trouble spots? Where are our blind spots?


We specialize in three areas and work with clients from all industries and countries …

  • Individuals: executive leadership assessment, development, and coaching including 
    • on-boarding 
    • succession planning/grooming for promotion
    • designing and delivering leadership development courses/experiences for high potential managers
  • Teams: facilitating team building, team work, and team development, three different aspects of teaming with important distinctions in how they are approached
    • newly formed teams (after re-org or M&A)
    • established teams with a new member or two
    • multinational teams, joint ventures
    • construction management teams–partnering facilitation
  • Enterprise-wide Change Initiatives: assessing your organization’s readiness for proposed changes and creating solutions for bridging gaps

We’d like to talk to you…

  • If you or a key executive in your organization needs help making the turn to the next level of success
  • If you’ve got a team who needs guidance to work more cohesively 
  • If you’ve got a leadership course or curriculum needing creative support or delivery
  • If you’ve got people who don’t work together as well as they could, regardless of whether the obstacles are personal, professional, or cultural …

Call Us: +1 336-922-6738